Mass Timber Conference Recap: Project Innovation

The number of innovative wood projects in North America continues to grow. Here are a few innovative projects from around the world that discuss new uses of mass timber and lessons learned from specific projects from the 2018 Mass Timber Conference.

View of Sidewalk Labs Building in Toronto from the lake
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Implementing New Uses with Timber Construction

French architect Nicolas Laisné shares how mass timber construction is rapidly taking off in France and how his firm is implementing new uses and techniques with mass timber construction including office and large housing projects. This includes a project in Nanterre that is currently in design phase that will be the world’s largest solid wood project in Europe comprised of  1.3 million square feet (starting at 11:05) comprised of 12 buildings.

The Nanterre arboretum will be built with CLT.

Overcoming the Challenges: CESM Soccer Stadium

Jean-Marc DuBois of Nordic Structures shows the transformation of an old quarry and landfill into a 1,000-seat indoor stadium and major urban park using a cantilevered mass timber roof.


Cross Laminated Timber Classrooms: A Pilot Project in Washington State

Inspired by the interconnectedness of forests, farms and cities, Joe Mayo takes us through some innovative state funded classroom projects in Washington State. He shows how Mahlum Architects developed a cost competitive solution to traditional portables using wood that offers a very welcoming learning environment.

CLT Classrooms | Mahlum Architects

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