Six Ways to Create an Outdoor Oasis

Summer means more time outside with friends and family. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your outdoor space with clever space planning, a mix of natural materials and all the comforts of inside, outside.

An outdoor shower on a wooden patio with outdoor plants
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Step 1: Add Tons of Texture

One of the most effective ways to add welcoming warmth to any space is with texture, and natural wood has plenty of it! First, surround yourself with rich wood underfoot, on vertical surfaces, and overhead. Then, furnish the space with complimentary elements such as metal furniture, soft outdoor fabrics, stone countertops, and stainless steel touches. Visually, the soft and sturdy accents will strike a perfect balance when set against the richness of the wood.

Step 2: Make Entertaining Easy

The key to designing a successful outdoor oasis is to make sure it’s savvy for entertaining. Keep things easy on yourself and your guests by adding an outdoor serving area and feature wall made with wood. A single wall can be maximized with a mix of wooden open shelving and integrated beverage coolers below topped with a solid surface countertop and, floating shelves above.

Rustic White Deck image

Step 3: Shade the Space

It’s important to keep outdoor spaces cool in the warmer months and that’s easy to do with a wooden pergola. Before you furnish your outdoor space, consider how much shade coverage you need, then think outside of the box when it comes to the overall look and feel of the pergola. Here, three-inch planks of pine were installed as a full length pergola above the deck to keep it cool with modern flair.

Rustic White Deck and Shelf image

Step 4: Take a Shower…Outside!

Outdoor showers are continually growing in popularity and for good reason. If you actively use your outdoor space during the warmer months and find yourself tending to container gardens out on the deck, why not rinse off outside before heading back into the house? Not only will outdoor showers guarantee soil and wet feet vanish before stepping inside, but showering outside with a view of nature can’t be beat!

Rustic White Deck Shelves and Shower image

Step 5: Super-Sized Serving Space

If you plan to use your outdoor oasis for hours on end, it’s wise to consider oversized serving spaces to lay out just about anything from drinks and appetizers to reading material and plant vessels. Here, a custom coffee table was made extra deep and wide from pressure-treated pine and cararra marble to accommodate 6 place settings and a centerpiece. This instantly turns the lounge area into a relaxed, informal dining space.

Rustic White Deck Table and Seating image

Step 6: Make It Seamless

By keeping the main elements of the outdoor space seamless, you’ll create a much more architectural look that will feel more like a cozy room than a simple deck or patio. For example, this stainless steel grill was given a high-end update by being boxed in with the same pine slats used to create the surrounding privacy walls.

Once the space is complete, bring on the chips, salsa and ice cold drinks, and keep the party going outside!

Rustic White Deck Barbecue Grill image

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