Mid-Rise and Beyond: Wood Construction in a Vibrant Urban Environment The use of wood-frame construction for mid-rise projects is innovative in its ability to achieve multiple, simultaneous objectives. Wood is a code-compliant solution to the issue of how to cost-effectively increase density while creating vibrant urban environments.

A renewable resource, it can also help meet the sustainability requirements of even the most stringent green building rating systems, while offering the additional benefit of carbon sequestration. The innovative use of wood is in fact changing the skyline. Increasingly, five- and six-story wood buildings are rising up among traditional concrete and steel shells as designers and developers embrace timber’s vast potential for lower costs, faster installation, and a significantly lighter carbon footprint. Through the use of case studies, this session will showcase recently completed projects that illustrate this trend. Topics will include current code allowances for mid-rise wood buildings, design strategies and environmental performance. Discussion will also touch on the international trend toward even taller wood buildings, made possible by emerging research and the development of advanced wood products and technologies.

The Long and Short of Wood Roof Systems

This course provides an overview of wood roof systems commonly used in buildings in the United States for a variety of span lengths. Discussion will include possible wood structural framing systems and geometries, how these components can be combined to create efficient and versatile roof framing systems, and International Building Code provisions that allow the use of wood in many roof applications, including non-combustible Type I and Type II construction. Concepts will be reinforced through the presentation of real example projects with details on the framing systems used to achieve the project goals.

Speaker: Terry Pattillo, Regional Director, WoodWorks

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Date: September 11 2018

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Venue: Del Frisco’s – Philadelphia

Cost: $20

Lunch is included in the cost.

On-site Check-in: 8:30 am
Program Begins: 9:00 am
Lunch: 11:00 am
Program Concludes: 12:00 pm

Provided by: WoodWorks