Natural stability is the key to redwood’s long-lasting performance. Redwood is less likely to warp, cup, check and pop nails because it has less shrinking and swelling. Stability and little or no pitch content also help redwood hold finishes well. Redwood’s stability is a guarantee of long-lasting beauty.


Redwood heartwood provides resistance to decay from fungus and damage insect attack.  The cinnamon-colored heartwood provides decay resistance throughout the lumber, not just on the surface.  Redwood also offers sound insulation properties that make it a favorite for use where sound is a consideration.


For exterior projects, redwood decking, siding and trim complement most other building materials. Redwood gives designers a unique opportunity for integrating interior and exterior spaces with a common material.

The rich beauty of redwood interior paneling provides an atmosphere of warmth and luxury for the interior of any homes. Working with redwood, you have a choice of color, dimension, texture, grain and pattern.

Fine-grained redwood’s excellent workability makes it an ideal material for highly detailed patterns, molding and cabinetry. The extra-long lengths available facilitate work on high ceilings or long walls of custom homes.


Natural beauty is integral to every piece of redwood lumber. Redwood beauty is typified by rich cinnamon-colored heartwood, cream-colored sapwood, distinctive grain and performance that keep projects looking good for years. Redwood offers a broad array of appearances, giving specifiers several choices in color, visual texture and scale.


Four of every five acres of commercial redwood forest are now independently certified as well managed and harvested on a sustainable basis. The major redwood lumber mills and landowners have completed independent third-party certification of their redwood forestlands. As a result, over 1 million acres, or approximately 80 percent of the available redwood commercial forest, are certified under one of the two most widely recognized certification programs: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program.