Shilohs timber apartment building exterior

When Billings, Montana native and developer Mike Stock set out to develop a new apartment complex on the city’s west end, he wanted to do things differently. With a goal of blending luxury living with a strong sense of community, Stock’s mixed-use design was made possible through wood.

In many cities, the savings associated with wood construction is often the difference between a home and no home at all.
Low rise apartments with wood framing
Panel of wood held up by crane

Wood is easy to use, fast to erect and workers can quickly learn wood construction techniques. In addition, when considered over its lifetime, wood performs better than alternative materials in terms of embodied energy, air and water pollution, and carbon footprint. In this video, hear from experts why wood is the building material of choice for both cost and quality.

Arrup testing wood fire resistance

Mass timber offers a distinct advantage because it chars on the outside while retaining strength. With innovative technologies and wood products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), glued laminated timber (glulam) and nail laminated timber (NLT), wood meets modern building codes and outperforms other building materials.

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In this video, hear industry experts discuss wood’s long history of durability and how innovative wood products and advancements in mass timber design are paving the way for a more sustainable future.
Calgary Library exterior wood ceiling design

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A forest of trees in Oregon

Mass timber products have less embodied energy, are responsible for lower air and water pollution, and have a lighter carbon footprint than other common building materials. Hear why architects, engineers and developers are calling the 21st century the age of wood.

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