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Reimagine the possibilities of wood in the built environment. We’ll show you how wood can elevate your projects (literally), meet budgets, achieve sustainability goals, and create awe-inspiring structures.

A multifamily wood building by Gensler
Photo: Ronnie Leone | Gensler
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Projects that pencil out.

Building with wood is fast and flexible.

It can save time and money, and be undertaken year-round in almost any climate. Wood’s aesthetic, biophilic and health benefits offer market differentiators that can boost a project’s overall value.

Assembly of prefabricated Brock Commons exterior
Brock Commons Tallwood House
Acton Ostry Architects Inc.
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Think wood. Grow homes.

Wood is the only naturally
renewable building material.

Wood stores carbon and, with the least embodied energy of all major building materials, requires less energy throughout its life cycle. Demand for wood products helps ensure forested land remains forested.

Aerial view of Kiln Apartments passive house interior
Kiln Apartments
Photo: Pete Eckbert | GBD Architects
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Architect portrait of John Klein
John Klein
CEO of Generate
We’re interested in mass timber for its contribution to the health and restoration of our forests.
Model C mass timber building exterior street view

See how wood performs under pressure.

Wood buildings meet and can even exceed code requirements for fire safety, seismic performance, and wind resistance. When designed with consideration to local climate, wind, and seismic activity, wood buildings can stand the test of time and the elements.

Reveley Classroom
Photo: Sozinho Imagery | Patano Studio Architecture
Did you know?
  • 4

    different independent studies

    say the presence of wood was found to have an immediate effect of lowering sympathetic nervous response, akin to reducing stress and anxiety.

  • 3-5x

    a deck made with manufactured materials

    (such as PVC or composite decking) can cost three to five times more than a comparable deck made with real wood.

  • Wood is the only building material

    derived from a sustainably managed resource, with oversight from
    third-party certification programs.

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Wood Innovation Design Centre mass timber interior by Michael Green Architecture
Wood Innovation and Design Centre
MGA | Michael Green Architecture
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