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Wood is an ideal material for residential construction and DIY wood projects for home. Homeowners appreciate wood’s natural beauty, warmth and design versatility whether they favor traditional architecture or modern design.

An outdoor pressure-treated wood deck built around trees

Building with wood is fast and cost effective, and it can be undertaken year-round.

Builders and remodelers prefer to build with wood because of its easy workability, value, reliable performance and environmental advantages. Appearance lumber – lumber that is graded by visual inspection rather than performance qualities – is ideal for interior and outdoor living projects.

Wooden ceiling trim inside a sunny living room

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The standard U.S. home uses softwood lumber in framing, accent walls, ceilings and decking – and more. Explore our Virtual Home Tour to learn more.

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Think outside the house.

Wood decks increase the usable living area of a home while enhancing the beauty and functionality of the outdoor living space. A deck made with manufactured materials (such as PVC or composite decking) can cost three to five times more than a comparable deck made with real wood.

Need help selecting the right preserved wood for your project? See the infographic. 

Ri-deck-ulously good investment.

Not only is wood decking affordable, it is also a good investment: homeowners who add a wood deck to their outdoor space can recoup an average of 84 percent of the cost of the project when they sell the home. 

According to the North American Retail Hardware Association, pressure-treated lumber is the go-to choice for your deck’s substructure (the posts, beams and joists that hold up the deck) and what contractors overwhelmingly use. This is due to its load-bearing strength and affordability.

Raised wood deck overlooking forest


Pergo-love it.

A pergola can be a perfect addition to a backyard to create a shaded, welcoming atmosphere for entertaining guests, a spot for dining and conversation, or a space for kids to play.

An illustration of a wooden pergola

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It’s said that good fences make good neighbors. Put the beauty of wood to work to create an attractive frame for your backyard or home.

Horizontal wood fence surrounding courtyard

Between these five walls.

Often homeowners forget about the ceiling, leaving it exactly as it was when the house was built. However, wood on the ceiling can add architectural interest to the room and attract the eye upward to explore the space. Visitors will be sure to stop and pause when they first notice the attractive style of the “fifth wall.”

A living room with wooden features

Warm upto wood.

Walls enhanced with real wood can create texture and dimension, separate one part of a room from another, or simply add warmth and character to any living space.

Different types of interior wood finishes reflect different styles. Leaving wood unfinished offers a rustic look while the contrast of wood and other materials in a room, like glass and metal, creates a striking and modern look.

Seamless white pine siding deck

Lay bark and enjoy it.

Trim and wainscoting give your clients the opportunity to design the home they’ve always imagined, displaying their authentic style. They’re an affordable way to upgrade the look of any room with custom finishes.

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