Different Types of Softwood Lumber Species

Pretty, pretty wood.

What are Softwood Species?

Softwoods come from conifer trees, or cone-bearing trees. North American softwood species have needle-shaped foliage instead of the leaves found on hardwood trees.

Mill River Park Carousel Pavilion curved wood ceiling detail
Mill River Park Carousel Pavilion
Gray Organschi Architecture
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A guide to the grain.
Softwood lumber is highly versatile and beautiful, making it ideal for structural applications as well as interior and exterior designs and projects.
Office with douglas fir furniture
Douglas Fir
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Kitchen and sun room with white pine floor and ceiling
Eastern White Pine
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Kitchen with ponderosa pine cabinets
Ponderosa Pine
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House frame built with spruce pine fir
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Southern pine wood floors in dining room
Southern Pine
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Living room with western red cedar ceiling and framing
Western Red Cedar
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