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Designing Sustainable, Prefabricated Buildings

Designing Sustainable, Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated wood buildings should be considered when designing and building both multi-family and commercial buildings, as prefabrication is an efficient and sustainable building practice.

Prefabricated wood components can help to solve many design and engineering challenges such as material and process efficiency, environmental performance and life safety. This course will demonstrate the advantages of prefabrication, specifically how it relates to both light wood frame and mass timber construction.

Sustainable wood building exterior

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate why prefabrication is an efficient and sustainable building practice.
  2. Evaluate the use of wood components in sustainable prefabricated buildings as well as design and engineering challenges that wood can solve.
  3. Discuss the advantages of building with prefabricated wood components in terms of speed and efficiency of construction, design flexibility, waste reduction, environmental performance and improved life safety.
  4. Analyze, through case studies, the different stages of wood building prefabrication from design to installation.
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