A deck is more than just new outdoor space. When designing your next deck, consider a layout that works with the architectural style of your client's home. There is a deck style suited for every home – from a large mountain estate all the way down to a highly functional tiny house.

Deck For Every House Style imagePhoto courtesy of: Edwards Smith Construction

Adding a wood top cap to the modern glass and steel handrail was a great way to soften the look and tie everything together with the natural vibe of the wood deck.

Deck For Every House StylePhoto courtesy of: Jamaica Cottage Shop

Just because your house is mobile, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a great deck. By building the new pressure treated pine deck on porch blocks, this deck can also be moved anytime the house is relocated.

Deck For Every House StylePhoto courtesy of: Steven Paul Whitsitt

For a modern home with an open floor plan, consider a wood deck that feels like an extension of the interior flooring. This decking was laid out in the same direction as the interior wood flooring and stained in a complementary color tone. When the large sliding doors are open everything flows together as one.

Deck For Every House StylePhoto courtesy of: Steven Paul Whitsitt

For a multistory structure, an elevated space can be created to reduce the need for stairs. This pine deck was built on treated posts and extends off the middle story.

Deck For Every House StylePhoto courtesy of: Steven Paul

Also consider ways to make your deck feel like its own outdoor retreat by building a pergola into the corner. Not only does this create another outdoor living zone but it also offers shade from the sun while the latticed walls provide some privacy.

Deck For Every House Style


Decks can be tailored to the lay of the land. In this case, a southern view of the lake called for a large elevated deck as the main space. Not only does the main deck and glass railing give expansive views of the lake, but lower decks were well planned out and tucked underneath. These lower decks are shaded from the midday sun while not impeding the morning sunrise.

Deck For Every House Style


In a more rustic look, this redwood deck was run in a V-shaped pattern to complement the large vaulted gable of the main living room.