AIA has been a leader in connecting architects and the public on the evidence behind the role of architecture in society and even more importantly the role of architects in better family spaces, better open spaces, and better solutions for the communities where we work, live and play.

Common Ground High School | Architect: Grey Organschi | Photo: David Sundberg

The theme for this year’s AIA is Blueprint for Better where 5 key themes are being explored in over 600 sessions:

1. Diversity, equity, & inclusion

Everything we design should be for everyone. Affordable housing, green spaces, healthy places, and safe neighborhoods—it’s on us to create access and opportunities.

Learn more about wood’s role in building regional and local communities.

2. Materials

Every material has an impact. Knowing where materials come from, what’s in them, and their life expectancy gives us greater control over projects and product decisions.

Learn more about how the building materials you choose have an impact on the built environment.

3. Energy & carbon

Buildings are the biggest carbon polluters, but what if they weren’t? If we work together, new buildings, developments, and major renovations can be carbon neutral.

Learn how to evaluate the carbon footprint of wood buildings.

4. Resilience

Rapid population growth, climate change, and natural and manmade disasters require new design approaches. Getting ahead is our greatest opportunity.

Learn more about how wood not only stands the test of time but is a high-performance building material.

5. Design + health

Forward-looking design can profoundly impact health in people and communities. It’s time to move past the “do no harm” design ethos to focus on holistic health, by design.

Learn more about the benefits of exposure to natural elements like wood can impact health and well-being.

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Expert Hour

Join us on the conference floor in the Wood Pavilion for our Annual Expert Hour. This year we will be joined by some of the best minds in the field who have a big vision for better cities and communities.

On Friday June 22nd from 3:30 – 4:30 join us at our booth (757) to connect with 11 experts from: