Choosing the Perfect Deck and Tips to Build It

Wood decks are a great way to enhance the natural beauty of a home while making a house appear larger and increasing usable outdoor living space. But, when it comes to choosing a deck style, how do you decide?

A raised wooden deck in the forest

Types Of Deck Styles

There are several styles of decks to choose from — depending on the layout of your property, one of these styles of decks will help make the most of a yard!

Ground Level Deck

A ground level deck, also known as a “patio deck,” provides the simplest way of expanding living space outdoors. Attached to the house or freestanding, these decks are particularly effective in providing usable space over damp, rocky or uneven terrain. In fact, these decks are known to be the most versatile as they can be built on almost any landscape. If attached to the house, ground level decks can provide easy indoor/outdoor access for homeowners and guests. Shallow pools, hot tubs, planters or gazebos can be integrated into this deck space. Most people forget that a deck does not need to be attached to a house – rather, it can be its own space in a landscape, and a ground level deck is a great way to do that.


Raised Deck

If you struggle to take full advantage of a yard due to sloped or uneven terrain, a raised wood deck can extend the livable area. Terraced wood decks are perfect for jagged, bumpy or hilly land as they provide steps down from house to ground level in an easy and beautiful descent. Raised decks are usually 30 inches or higher off the ground and, more often than not, are built off of the kitchen for easy access to grills and outdoor seating.


Roof Deck

You don’t need to have a yard to enjoy a wood deck. In the city, where living space is at a premium, a roof deck can help add square footage while making the outdoors accessible – and, if you’re lucky, provide for a beautiful view.


Tips to Choosing a Deck Design

To decide where to build a deck, ask what use is this space for and envision the ideal design. Try building a deck off of a kitchen for summer barbecues.

Building a deck properly takes some planning so be sure to get a building permit. If you have any questions about building your deck safely, take a look at our deck resources.

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