Mass Timber Connections: Explained

With interest in mass timber construction rapidly rising, there is an increasing need for specifiers to better understand what holds it all together: mass timber connections. Mass timber connections are not only crucial to a project’s structural design, they also impact everything from aesthetics to code compliance—and finding the optimal solution requires careful planning.

The good news is that industry expertise and resources are evolving to help design teams make the best decisions for their projects.

In this video, Kristina Miele, senior engineer at Fast + Epp, answers specifiers’ most pressing questions about mass timber connections.

Want to dive deeper into mass timber connection design? Check out WoodWorks’ Mass Timber Connections Index: Optimal Connection Considerations, a resource covering a wide range of topics including structural basics and aesthetics, tolerances and connection classes, performance and fire protection, and moisture and shrinkage concerns. Complete with tables and schematic diagrams, this paper is a helpful resource for anyone evaluating connection options for their next mass timber project.

Andy Quattlebaum Outdoor Education Center
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hillyer
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