NEW! Mass Timber Design Manual, Vol. 2

The Latest Advancements in Mass Timber Construction

From record-breaking timber towers to innovative examples of adaptive reuse, mass timber construction is on the rise. Stay current with Think Wood and WoodWorks’ newly updated, must-have Volume 2 of the popular Mass Timber Design Manual.

Volume 2 features updated free and interactive resources to guide architects, developers, engineers, and anyone working on a mass timber project.

“Today, we need the built environment to be lower carbon, smarter, taller, healthier, and more affordable.”


Download the 2022 Mass Timber Design Manual

This free interactive resource includes a comprehensive collection of the most up-to-date technical resources on topics from mass timber construction and design best practices to case studies, and expert Q+As.

Mass Timber Design Manual
Vol. 2
Wood creates spaces that attract a new generation of eco-minded employees, residents, and occupants.
The Lighthouse
Photo Credit: Jason O’Rear
The Lighthouse
Photo Credit: Jason O’Rear

Whether you’re learning the ropes or already well-versed in building with mass timber, the manual offers a one-stop-shop for all AEC professionals involved in building construction and design.

Girl Scouts Camp Lakota
Photo Credit: Here and Now Agency

New Content Includes Cutting-Edge Case Studies

Volume 2 features 30+ pages of new content, including 10+ new case studies of cutting-edge timber projects, expert Q+As, new technical resources, and more.

Some examples include:

  • Mass Timber Construction Management 
  • Creating Efficient Structural Grids for a Mass Timber Building
  • CLT Diaphragms
  • Tall Mass Timber Fundamentals
  • Code Requirements

Over 10 new case studies explore how design teams across the country are innovating with mass timber, from Milwaukee’s 25-story timber tower to Adidas’s newly completed North American headquarters and Colorado’s one-of-a-kind wooden space frame at the Aspen Art Museum.

New expert Q+As and technical resources cover timely topics:

  • Creating Efficient Structural Grids for a Mass Timber Building
  • Financial Models Behind Successful Mass Timber Projects
  • Mass Timber Construction Management and Training Opportunities
  • Prototyping the World’s Tallest Net-Zero Timber Building
  • How U.S. Forests Can Sustainably Produce More Timber

Adidas North American Headquarters
Photo Credit: ©2021 James Steinkamp Photography

Don’t Delay. Get It Today!

The 2022 Mass Timber Design Manual can be downloaded for free below. Funding for the manual was provided by the Softwood Lumber Board.

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