Outdoor Living in Style: Seven Easy Updates

Outdoor living has become a way of life for homeowners coast to coast. Whether you’re simply updating the look of your deck with a fresh new stain or pulling out the power tools to take on a larger project, there are countless ways to upgrade your outdoor living space. Here are seven design tips to enhance your deck or patio, creating a stylish and comfortable outdoor living space you’ll want to share with friends and family.

Design design made out of wood

Step 1: Create Zones

Maximize your deck’s potential by creating unique zones. Designate separate areas for casual lounging, dining and other activities, and be sure to accommodate space for foot traffic between zones.

Deck Design - Zones image

Step 2: Protect Your Deck

Test your current stain or sealant by pouring a glass of water onto the surface of your deck. An effective stain or sealant will repel the water, causing it to bead up. If water instantly seeps into the wood, it’s time to revive your deck with a staining or sealing.

Deck Design - Protection image

Step 3: Step it Up

Installing extra-wide steps or a staircase can make your outdoor living space more accessible while providing a spacious and open vibe. For a warm, welcoming reception, consider using the same wood and finish as nearby decks or railings to build your steps or staircase.

Deck Stairs image

Step 4: Beat the Heat

Keep guests shaded and cool on sunny days by adding a pergola to your outdoor living space. Pergolas protect both you and your deck from harsh UV rays, extending the life of your deck’s stain or sealant.

Deck Design - Shading

Step 5: Keep it Private

Establish a sense of privacy using wooden trellis or lattice. Coordinate the look of the trellis or lattice with your home’s exterior to make it a seamlessly beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Deck Design - Privacy image

Step 6: Go Green

Plants can enhance your outdoor living space in a variety of ways. Hanging plants make the most of vertical dimensions, while freestanding plants are great for creating barriers and filling up neutral space. To seamlessly blend your landscape with your hardscape, integrate plants into your deck or patio.

Deck Design - Greenery image

Step 7: Bring on the Night

Make your deck the perfect venue for nighttime entertaining by installing both ambient and functional lighting. Wall sconces with dimmers are perfect for setting the mood, and you can integrate puck lights or up lights into steps and banisters to create an easy-to-navigate outdoor living space.

Deck Design - Lights image

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