Why Multifamily Developers Turn to Wood

Why are more and more multifamily developers turning to wood as a building material of choice?

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Just last month, Think Wood teamed up with Hanley Wood, publisher of ArchitectBuilder and Multifamily Executive, to talk with developers and design teams about how timber is taking their projects to the next level.

Download our white paper to discover the benefits these firms are realizing with wood construction. From the opportunity to boost sales and lease rates, to the potential for cost savings and speed, wood construction presents several market advantages.


Here’s a sneak peak of a few of the white paper’s case studies:

Realizing Speed to Market | TMBR, Minneapolis, MN | Hear from the developer and design team as they describe how timber became a central selling feature of this cross-laminated timber, 10-floor, 79-unit, 119-foot-tall condominium. Learn how using a prefabricated timber structure made this project go up faster and easier.

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Todd Simning
President and CEO of Kroiss Development
The posts, beams, and floor and wall sections snap into place… It’s kind of like an erector set that goes up. Or it’s like getting a kit from Ikea, looking at the instructions, and putting it together. There’s a lot less waste.

Boosting Density and Maximizing Value | WREN, Los Angeles, CA | Discover how a podium design using light-frame wood construction achieved a whopping 195 units per acre. The innovative double podium design helped the developer keep costs down, boost density, and ultimately maximize the project’s profitability.

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“We were able to get an extra level into the building by using a mezzanine, which doesn’t technically count as a floor. Essentially, it made it into an eight-story building,” says Kyle Peterson, associate principal at TSM. “Our area of expertise is looking at what we can do, within the allowances of the code, to maximize yield for our clients.”

Additional Case Studies

That’s not all. Be sure to download our white paper to read more about a Denver-based project that achieved a bold aesthetic while saving time and money with a panelized prefab wood design and a Quebec-based project that takes timber to a new level, 13 stories, to deliver a 94- unit condominium that soars 135 feet into the skyline.

How Building with Wood Helps Multifamily Developers Succeed

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