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Complexe Synergia

Tenant Winning Wood Design

A sophisticated sustainable commercial office complex in Quebec is winning tenants with the warmth and appeal of wood. With spacious open floor plans, abundant natural light, contemporary design and exposed mass timber this is a workspace where employees will feel at home.

Complexe Synergia office and mass timber ceiling

Complexe Synergia, an upscale 6 -story commercial office complex off Highway 20 in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, features a mass timber exposed wood design that gives tenants a contemporary, warm, open environment, that appeals to today’s workforce.

Wood Use

A sleek state-of-the-art black-clad exterior wraps this commercial office facility built primarily of timber. The developer selected wood as a principal material for its environmental, aesthetic and health benefits. Its wood-frame structure features a post-and-beam system as well as glulam decking visible under the floor system. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) members form the elevator shafts and stairways.

This project takes advantage of the speed and efficiency of mid-rise wood construction offers. Increasingly, wood buildings of all types can be constructed rapidly, sometimes as a “kit of parts”, with its assembly similar to Lego—but on a grand scale. Mass timber panels, such as the CLT, can be put into place with hours, reducing overall construction time.

This undisputedly modern workplace, with expansive, open floor plans, features locally-sourced spruce, pine and fir wood species from Chantiers Chibougamau, a fitting architectural gesture to the history and geography of the region. The interior’s ample use of exposed timber is skillfully juxtaposed against a rectilinear high-tech metal and glass exterior. Combined these elements give it a distinctive design that sets it apart from standard office buildings.

Environmental Impact

The project’s developer was keen to incorporate ecologically-sound design features that tenants are increasingly looking for. In addition to its abundant use of responsibly harvested locally sourced wood, the project includes several sustainable features including energy efficient mechanical systems, charging terminals for electric vehicles, green space including a common rooftop terrace and end-of-trip changing rooms and showers for employees who bike to work. Inside, an abundance of natural lighting means more than 80% of workstations will require little or no additional lighting during the day.

Project Details

  • Architect
    • lemay
  • Size
    • 72,000 ft2 (474 m2)
  • Structural Engineer
    • Nordic Structures
  • Engineered Wood Fabricator
    • Nordic Structures
  • Location
    • Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
  • Owner
    • Robin Group
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