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Albina Yard is a 4-story, 16,000 sq foot commercial office building in Portland, Oregon. Its key feature is the use of mass timber construction—with glue-laminated timber frame and cross-laminated timber panels it’s the first to use domestically fabricated CLT for a building-wide structural system in the United States. The glue-laminated timber frame and CLT panels were fabricated at D.R. Johnson Lumber Co. in Riddle, Oregon.

Project Details

  • Awards

    Wood Design Award Winner, Building Project of the Year 2015

Wood products were chosen in part because they store carbon, giving them a significantly smaller carbon footprint than other traditional building materials. Albina Yard incorporates approximately 161,000 board feet of solid wood products and 19,550 square feet of wood panel products, with a combined storage of some 80.5 metric tons of carbon—the equivalent of offsetting 295 metric tons of CO2 emissions.