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Something new is old agrain.

Wood has been around for a millenia, but it’s still young at heart. It’s making headlines, and for good reason. Wood is transforming the design and construction landscape, inspiring remarkable creations, and changing the way we think about this time-tested building material. Consider this your source for wood wisdom and all things timber, including news updates, CEUs, project profiles, and more.

Looking up at the Structure Craft building

project profile by think wood


In 2010, Portland’s economic and urban development agency, Prosper Portland, launched renovation efforts in the city’s Burnside Bridgehead neighborhood. By 2017, all four blocks were activated or under construction, fulfilling the framework plan for the area.

A look on the inside of the Sideyard project
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Inside our grain brains.
Common Ground High School students in gymnasium
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Why Do We Feel Better With Wood?
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UMass Amherst Design Building street view at night
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The Business Case for Building with Wood
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Keith Drive mass timber building rendering
The New Carbon Webinar
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