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Pine Street Duplex
Photo Credit: Caitlin Murray
Mass timber creates mass appeal.

Mass timber is revolutionizing how America builds. An aesthetically beautiful, low-carbon alternative to concrete or steel, it can be used as a structural solution in buildings up to 18 stories.

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Timber Demand Study
New research shows that U.S. forests can sustainably supply the growing demand for lumber and mass timber.
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White Paper
Affordable Housing
Five projects that are demonstrating how materials like light-frame and mass timber wood construction can offer flexibility and play a role in curbing cost.
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Mass Timber Digest
A curation of the latest innovations in mass timber research and design from AEC industry leaders.
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Mass Timber Design Manual, Vol. 2
100+ pages of the most up-to-date mass timber design and build resources, including 10 new case studies, technical resources, design guides, and more.
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Wood for Building a House

Explore the possibili-trees.

Wood’s natural warmth can boost your sense of well-being, whether used as a structural material, interior finish, or outdoor project.

Bank Barn
Photo Credit: Jim Westphalen Photography
Steve Srubas
associate, Berners Schober
Freedom House
The authentic simplicity makes it feel more like a home.
Freedom House
Photo Credit: Tricia Shay Photography
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The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hillyer

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