A movement is growing to use heavy and mass timber as primary structural materials for medium-height and tall buildings, in large part because timber is renewable, stores carbon and is energy efficient.

New structural wood products, including cross-laminated timber, are also fueling this movement. This webinar will give developers, owners, architects, engineers and contractors tips on how to go about creating timber buildings taller than four or five stories.

Learning Objectives – After this course, you should be able to:

  1. Examine the various types of heavy and mass-timber structural materials and systems used in the design of tall timber frames.
  2. Identify sustainability advantages and the general design challenges/opportunities of using heavy/mass timber as a structural system for a tall building.
  3. Determine a strategy for approvals and permitting of a tall timber building, including meeting the intent of the life safety codes through performance-based fire engineering.
  4. Evaluate approaches from a veteran builder to manage the construction of a building with a tall timber frame.

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