2017 was a good year for wood.

It was put to the test, reached new heights, broke new ground, re-engineered and re-imagined. To put it all into perspective we rounded up the top news articles of 2017 that demonstrate wood’s current and future disruptive force in the way we design and build buildings.

Design Trends
Building Design + Construction Mass Timber: From ‘What the heck is that?’ to ‘Wow!’ January 12, 2017
National Real Estate Investor Wood Construction Gains Ground in U.S. Commercial Buildings November 1, 2017
The Architect’s Newspaper How mass timber could transform our cities (really) November 14, 2017
PRISM Mass timber offers exciting possibilities for building with wood April 25, 2017
Constructive Dive Mass Timber 101: Understanding the emerging building type May 24, 2017
EcoTrust Three Things To Watch As Tall Wood Buildings Rise in the Northwest May 5, 2017
BizNow Cross-Laminated Timber Could Be the Next Big Thing in Construction November 21, 2017
Portland Tribune ‘Plywood on steroids’ can benefit climate, forests November 7, 2017


Ground Breaking Buildings
Boston Globe Why UMass Amherst’s newest building is made almost entirely of wood May 2, 2017
Architectural Record Common Ground High School by Gray Organschi Architecture January 1, 2017
KING 5 News Mount Vernon school made of ‘high-tech’ wood opens May 15, 2017
Urban Land T3 office in Minneapolis Is Another Step Forward for Timber Construction April 20, 2017
Chicago Tribune Column: Proposed Goose Island office building would be 6-story all-wood tower November 9, 2017
Curbed NY Williamsburg to get two brick-and-beam office buildings November 20, 2017
BizNow World’s Tallest Mass Timber Building Opens At UBC September 13, 2017


Proof of Concept
ArchDaily 5 Online Resources For Learning How to Protect Wooden Buildings From Fire April 28, 2017
ArchDaily Learn About Seismic Design of Wooden Buildings with These Online Resources June 21, 2017
ArchNewsNow.com CLT: A More Efficient, Cost Effective Design Partner for Sustainable Buildings August 23, 2017
CBS 8 Engineers test new building material on world’s largest quake simulator July 14, 2017
Daily Commercial News Construction Corner: Researchers look for ways to design earthquake resiliency September 1, 2017
Futurism How Engineering Earthquake-Proof Buildings Could Save Lives September 27, 2017
Informed Infrastructure Fire Safety for High-Rise Mass-Timber Buildings September 30, 2017
PRISM Wood offers high-performance, cost-effective option for school construction February 10, 2017
The Construction Specifier Seeing the benefits of engineered wood November 13, 2017
The Construction Specifier Using CLT to spark change November 13, 2017


Sustainable Luxury
Architect Magazine Material Strategies for Sustainable Construction October 4, 2017
Money CNN London architect fights climate change with timber high-rises September 25, 2017
Nature The wooden skyscrapers that could help to cool the planet May 17, 2007
NBC News Eco-Friendly ‘Plyscrapers’ Are on the Rise. Here’s Why August 17, 2027
Azure Wood Stock: Rapidly Renewable Materials May 25, 2017
Boss Magazine Building a Sustainable Future with Cross Laminated Timber February 13, 2017
Clean Technica Plyscrapers Are on The Rise, Cutting Carbon Emissions In The Process August 28, 2017


Looking up
Civil + Structural Engineer Mass Timber High Rise March 1, 2017
Civil + Structural Engineer CallisonRTKL conducted a feasibility study for a 40-story residential tower in Seattle March 1, 2017
Clean Technica Plyscrapers Are on The Rise, Cutting Carbon Emissions In The Process August 28, 2017
Engadget ‘Timberscrapers’ could soon dominate urban skylines September 28, 2017
Futurism Wooden Skyscrapers Are Set to Transform Our Cities October 2, 2017
Futurism Plyscrapers Will Allow Us to Build High Rises While Reducing Carbon Emissions August 26, 2017
The Engineer Timber Towers: the rise of the wooden skyscraper October 4, 2017
Wired Get Ready for Skyscrapers Made of Wood. (Yes, Wood) May 30, 2017
Wired From seeds to skyscrapers, these wooden towers are eating C02 October 22, 2017


Looking Ahead
Architect Magazine Shiver Me Timbers August 1, 2017
Business Insider Architects want to build an 80-story skyscraper in Chicago made entirely from wood—take a look November 5, 2017
Curbed Proposed 80-story wooden skyscraper may be a preview of tall timber future October 9, 2017
Informed Infrastructure Future Forward: Can Cross-Laminated Timber Replace Concrete and Steel? August 14, 2017
Mic What do future cities look like? September 18, 2017
Portland Monthly The Future of Portland’s Skyline is Made of Wood April 4, 2017
The Architect’s Newspaper Cross-laminated timber could lead to a mid-rise revolution November 16, 2017
The Atlantic The Weird, Wooden Future of Skyscrapers November 16, 2017
The Seattle Times Could that skyscraper be built with wood? July 26, 2017
Travel & Leisure An 80-story Wooden Skyscraper Could Come to Downtown Chicago November 8, 2017