With the proliferation of wood buildings across the U.S., it’s clear that architects, engineers, builders and designers no longer need encouragement to rethink wood—they now think wood. To accurately represent this increased understanding and demand, reThink Wood has become Think Wood.

Who we are

Think Wood is an industry-driven initiative that connects design and construction professionals and peers to the resources they need to keep up with modern technologies and incorporate them into real-world applications. With use of wood on the rise, a growing body of professionals needs access to the expanding pool of research and information about why to choose wood and how to use it.

What we do

Think Wood provides research and resources on the benefits of using softwood lumber in multifamily residential and non-residential building applications. Building with wood offers many economic, environmental and societal benefits. In addition to its performance, versatility and aesthetic beauty, wood meets code requirements in a wide range of building types and serves as a low-carbon alternative to steel, concrete and masonry in many applications. New technologies continue to expand the possibilities for wood use in construction—even for structural use in high-rise buildings. For these reasons and more, wood is making headlines across the country.

Take the next step

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