ATCO Commercial Centre | Architect: Gibbs Gage Architects with Pickard Chilton Architects International

Wood: Reconnecting with the community

ATCO Park reconnects a nearly 50-year-old energy and logistics company with their roots and supports people in being collaborative, creative and engaged with colleagues and the broader Calgary community.


Project Details

ATCO is one of Canada’s most diversified and community-minded companies. So when they decided to build a state-of-the-art Calgary campus, it was no surprise they wanted more than just office and meeting space. Linking two four-story offices is ATCO Commons: a multi-purpose facility that will house the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Café and Learning Centre. The Commons will provide public dining, cooking demonstrations, as well as classes and camps for residents, schools and community groups. Glulam construction figures prominently in the ceiling, beams, columns, decking and benches – creating a natural look befitting of a company that has become part of the Alberta landscape.

This project used about 522 cubic meters of wood products which can grow in about 1 minute in the U.S. and Canadian forests. Approximately 458 metric tons of CO2 are stored in this wood, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 177 metric tons of CO2/year. This is equivalent to 134 cars off the road for one year.